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Starting the search for a new car can come with its uncertainties.  Dealing with a dealer can sometimes not go as smoothly as you would like and by the time they are done your mind could be going in circles. READ MORE >>

On October 1, 2013, Florida became the 41st state to ban texting while driving, which is distracting enough to be responsible for 18% of fatalities involving a vehicle.  Due to the new ban anyone caught texting and driving may have greater financial consequences because they will be charged with 2 moving violations and, as a result, their auto insurance premium may increase. READ MORE >>

This case of insurance fraud involves a husband and wife team.  The husband is a former police officer and the wife is a special education teacher.  Many people may see both as underpaid jobs and this couple decided to add to their income inappropriately. READ MORE >>

In their 2014 property/casualty outlook report, the Deloitte Center for Financial Services thinks that Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurers should take a look at changing how they do business and how to utilize better technology if they have any plans of long-term growth. READ MORE >>

If you happen to have a part in a share in The Hamptons, renting a cottage in Cape Cod or a log cabin in The Smoky Mountains, any possessions you take with you are protected while you are on vacation. If you take a vacation and rent a home during your stay, any of your belongings that you brought with you are covered under a renters or Miami homeowners insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Making sure that a rental car is properly insured may not be an easy decision for some people.  It does not help that a lot of people arrive at the rental company before thinking about it.  Not being prepared can cause renters to get coverage they do not need or gaps in coverage. READ MORE >>

Summer has come to Florida.  Along with this season come activities that people may not do during the rest of the year and it is wise to remember to stay safe in each activity.  Previously we gave tips on how to prepare for a hurricane, be safe in your pool and use caution in, around and using a lawnmower. READ MORE >>

RelayRides lets people rent their car to others.  The owner sets the price while the company performs background checks on the renters, takes reservations, and collects payment.  After payment is received they keep their share and send the rest to the individual renting their car. READ MORE >>

Summer is here and we would like to remind homeowners to continue to take precautions for the safety of their family so that at-home accidents can be avoided.  Keeping family safe is always a priority but on top of that, not having any claims might help in keeping your Miami home insurance premium as low as possible. READ MORE >>

AAA conducted a study that found it is more distracting to use voice-to-text messaging in your car than it is to make a call on your handheld cell phone.  Different activities were tested to find out how much mental distraction each one has. READ MORE >>

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