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How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Comparing car insurance quotes is about more than just looking at two numbers and choosing the lower one. You must also think about how the policy protects you, how it differs from the others you are considering and whether or not you trust the insurer to be financially stable enough to back the promises made in the policy. Here are 5 important points to evaluate when comparing car insurance quotes.

  • Insurer rating: The A. M. Best rating of your insurer is an indication of just how financially stable that insurer is. This is an important factor to evaluate since it directly speaks to whether or not you can trust your insurer to pay claims if, or when, you need them to. The better (or higher) the rating, the more financially stable the company is.

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Safe Driving Apps For Teen Drivers

Having a teen driver is not a relaxing experience. As you watch your teen bound out the door each day, car keys in hand, a million fears run through your mind. And while you can’t protect your teen from every driving risk they face once they walk out that door, you can take advantage of some phone apps that help enhance teen safety while they drive.

Text Disablers
Texting is one of the most dangerous activites that can be done behind the wheel, but fortunately there are many apps out there than can disable your teen’s ability to read or send texts while they are in a moving car.  These include Key2SafeDriving and TextArrest.  Other apps, like, read texts aloud and allow your teen to respond verbally or let the phone send an auto-response.  Think of it as hands free responding.

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