Safe Driving Apps For Teen Drivers

Having a teen driver is not a relaxing experience. As you watch your teen bound out the door each day, car keys in hand, a million fears run through your mind. And while you can’t protect your teen from every driving risk they face once they walk out that door, you can take advantage of some phone apps that help enhance teen safety while they drive.

Text Disablers
Texting is one of the most dangerous activites that can be done behind the wheel, but fortunately there are many apps out there than can disable your teen’s ability to read or send texts while they are in a moving car.  These include Key2SafeDriving and TextArrest.  Other apps, like, read texts aloud and allow your teen to respond verbally or let the phone send an auto-response.  Think of it as hands free responding.

Phone Inhibitors
Sometimes answering a cell phone, calling out on a cell phone or even just talking on a cell phone can be enough to distract your teen from practicing safe driving methods.  The apps ZoomSafer and Key2SafeDriving can lock and restrict your teen’s access to their phone’s call feature while they are driving.

Ride Shotgun—Through an App
You can’t be in the car with your teen driver every time they leave the house… or can you?  With the Safe Driver app, you can get a text message every time your teen surpasses the speed limit in any given area.  While this certainly helps you keep an eye on your teen, it might also be just the push they need to remain alert about staying within the speed limit and avoiding accidents when they drive.

Learning Road Safety With Apps
Some apps can actually help educate your teen on how to drive safely and react appropriately to different situations.  The Dangers of Distracted Driving app shows teens how easy it is to get into an accident after being distracted.  The Steer Clear Mobile app gives kids an interactive lesson in safe driving practices that they can apply when they drive. There are many new apps coming out every day and some can help your teen be a safer, more accountable driver.  Just be sure that as you choose cell phone apps that you don’t end up selecting something that actually helps to distract your teen even more than they might normally be.  After all, the purpose of the apps should be to serve and protect.

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