How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Comparing car insurance quotes is about more than just looking at two numbers and choosing the lower one. You must also think about how the policy protects you, how it differs from the others you are considering and whether or not you trust the insurer to be financially stable enough to back the promises made in the policy. Here are 5 important points to evaluate when comparing car insurance quotes.

  • Insurer rating: The A. M. Best rating of your insurer is an indication of just how financially stable that insurer is. This is an important factor to evaluate since it directly speaks to whether or not you can trust your insurer to pay claims if, or when, you need them to. The better (or higher) the rating, the more financially stable the company is.

  • Limits: Lower limits can translate into lower insurance premiums, so when comparing auto insurance rates make sure that you are comparing limits between policies. If not, you might follow the lure of the premium while setting yourself up for disappointment when a claim actually needs to be paid.
  • Deductibles: The deductible is the portion of risk you take on after an accident or insurable event. Very high car insurance deductibles are especially troubling because they must be paid for each incident rather than on an annual basis. When comparing auto insurance quotes, make sure you have the same deductibles across the board and that they are deductibles you can afford.
  • Real protection: Many of the different coverages in a car insurance policy are optional—but optional doesn’t mean unimportant. If you compare two auto insurance quotes and one of them reflects more protection than the other, you must consider the additional financial protection and how it could preserve your savings.
  • Convenience: Consider whether the companies whose quotes you are comparing have the important service features that mean so much to you. Do they allow Internet access to your policy? Can you print proof of coverage at home? What about customer service access? Can you do an automatic bank draft for the payment?

If you aren’t sure what to measure when evaluating car insurance quotes, give us a call at 305-270-2100. Together we can look past the premium dollar amount to the actual value of one policy over another so that you know you are getting the best fit for you.

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