Hot Tub Hazards To Not Overlook

Often, when we think of hot tub drowning hazards in a home environment, the two things that come to mind are the bathtub and the swimming pool. While those are good examples of possible danger zones where drowning accidents can occur, they are not the only risky locations that might be in your home. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis offer another location of hazards where a child, or even an adult, could be at risk of drowning and related injuries.

Proper Hot Tub Usage:
The first step in practicing hot tub safety at home is to create rules for hot tub usage. Some examples include:

  • Children should never be permitted to use the hot tub alone.
  • Young children should not be permitted to use the hot tub even with supervision as the heat from the hot tub can cause injuries and even brain damage.
  • Adults may be able to use a hot tub alone, but they should rethink doing so when they have been drinking, are drowsy or have taken any medication which can make them sleepy. Falling asleep in a hot tub is risky for anyone of any age. In addition, the heat from a hot tub can be especially dangerous for those who have been drinking.

Protect the Hot Tub and Surrounding Area: The area around the hot tub can be designed to reduce risks by:

  • Having non-slip rugs and flooring. Flooring that gets slippery when wet, such as tile, may be a poor choice.
  • Keeping the area clear of electrical items. There are many water-safe radios that you can use instead of traditional plugged-in models.
  • Keeping the hot tub covered and locked when it is not in use in order to prevent unattended children from accessing it.
  • According to, hair entanglement in a hot tub suction fitting has resulted in many injuries and several deaths. Make sure that you have a special drain cover that reduces the risk of hair entanglement.
  • Proper maintenance of your hot tub will help ensure that the water temperature remains at a non-hazardous level and that the overall condition of the tub is safe.

Finally, always make sure you have the right liability coverage. Let your home insurance agent know that you have a hot tub, Jacuzzi or pool so that your rates and limits can be appropriately adjusted.

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