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Offering Consumers Ways to Stay Connected

Here at Filer Insurance, Inc. we are making communication a two-way street through consistent updating of our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles as well as our interactive blog. These social media connections make it easy for customers, and those looking for information, to be kept up-to-date about insurance matters quickly and easily.

Customers can now request an insurance quote or service forms, get one-stop information about home insurance, access an employee directory, and pinpoint locations directly from our Facebook page. Social media is a great way to connect immediately with a trusted agent at Filer Insurance, Inc. in the event of a disaster or on the go, providing multiple ways to get information or request a quote.

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Achieving More Affordable Car Insurance

In the event that something happens to your family’s financial situation, less expensive car insurance may become necessary.  Finding a cut-rate insurance policy can be easy but that may not be the best way to go.

When it comes to getting a low rate from a dependable insurer you would be better suited to find out what type of coverage you are required to have, research insurance company reputations and use every possible discount for which you are eligible.  Another option is a pay-as-you-drive policy with premiums based on miles driven each year.

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