Consumers Have Ways to Stay Connected

Here at Filer Insurance, Inc. we are making communication a two-way street through consistent updating of our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles as well as our interactive blog. These social media connections make it easy for consumers, and those looking for information, to be kept up-to-date about insurance matters quickly and easily.

Customers can now request an insurance quote or service forms, get one-stop information about home insurance, access an employee directory, and pinpoint locations directly from our Facebook page. Social media is a great way to connect immediately with a trusted agent at Filer Insurance, Inc. in the event of a disaster or on the go, providing multiple ways to get information or request a quote.

Social networking services offer clients instant access to information from us that might otherwise be difficult to get in the event of a disaster or emergency. Claim information, weather alerts, disaster warnings, and breaking news are now at the customer’s fingertips. Clients can easily get in touch with their agent, especially if they do not have the agency’s direct contact information within reach.

Our blog offers an opportunity for people to have an open dialogue with their agent about topics such as home, car or business insurance. Blog entries can create a conversation filled with valuable information from knowledgeable agents about community and insurance news. It can also include tips and tricks for making the best home insurance decisions. Blog discussions are especially helpful for those with general insurance questions.

Consumers now have a simple way to communicate, collaborate, find expert advice, and share information using any of the social networking links found on our website.

At Filer Insurance, Inc., we have been providing Home, Auto and Business Insurance in Miami and South Florida since 1919.  We would very much like to have you as one of our customers. Please give us call or come by our office for a free quote on your insurance.

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