Basic Car Insurance Information

The National Safety Council estimates that last year, the number of motor-vehicle deaths in US reached 40,200. They also predicted that the cost incurred due to motor-vehicle deaths, injury, and property damage reached $432.5 billion on that same year. This shows how important it is for drivers and their auto insured, seeing how common accidents happen. Through this article we’d like to help you learn more about basic car insurance information and what it covers.

Understanding Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is a form of agreement where your insurer would help you recover financial loss from a car accident for an amount of premium. The coverage provided may vary depending on the policy, but the most common coverage involves property damage and bodily injury for yourself and other people.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

There are many types of vehicle-related coverage provided by an insurance company, but here are a few of the most common ones.

  1. Comprehensive covers damage to your car caused by an event out of your control, except for collisions.
  2. Collision covers damage caused by collisions to your car.
  3. Medical covers bodily injury to the drivers and passengers of your car.
  4. Liability covers damage you cause to others if you’re at fault in a car accident.
  5. Uninsured motorist covers bodily injury and damage to your car caused by a driver without an insurance coverage.

How much premium do I pay?

The amount of premium differs from one insurer to another, but we’ll give you a basic understanding on what factors most insurers would look at before determining your premium.

  1. The type and price of your car
  2. The amount of coverage you purchase
  3. The driver’s driving record
  4. Discounts
  5. Car usage
  6. The area where you live
  7. Age and gender
  8. Coverage limit

Who is covered?

A car insurance will cover you and your family when they are driving your car or someone else’s car. The policy will also protect other people who drives your car, as long as they have your consent. However, take note that in a personal auto insurance, you won’t be covered if you use your car for commercial purposes, such as driving for Uber. Of course, you can buy a coverage for that for a higher premium.

Understanding how car insurance works with basic information is crucial to ensure maximum safety for your family and your vehicle. We’ll be happy to help you and your family get the right car insurance coverage through our company.

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