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7 Most Dangerous Vehicles In America

Your car choice may or may not have an affect on your miami auto insurance premium, but it is wise to take your personal safety into consideration when deciding what vehicle to purchase.  Recently, the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) conducted crash tests and each car is rated in 4 different categories.  24/7 Wall St. examined those ratings and came up with a list of the 7 most dangerous vehicles in America.

The 4 categories used by the IIHS are:
1. A 40 mph crash test with a frontal offset where the moving vehicle has a head-on collision with a barrier.
2. A test for side-impact crashes with a 3,330-lb object, similar to that of an SUV, striking the driver’s side of the vehicle at 31 mph.
3. Having a metal plate hit one of the vehicle’s corners to find out how much impact it can withstand before it gives way and rolls over.
4. Putting the vehicle through a rear-impact crash test to determine how well the seat belts and seats protect the driver from experiencing whiplash.

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