Remove Dents Using 3 DIY Tips

Getting a dent in your vehicle is inevitable no matter how careful you are as a driver. More often than not, denting your car is not really self-inflicted at all. Thus, you cannot guarantee that you are safe from any accidents caused by another car, footballs, shopping carts, and other real-time irritants.

Surely, when you got a dent in your car the next order of business is to how to fix it. Imminently, going to a car shop to have it repaired can mean money. Depending on the dent or the scratch, car repair shop can quote a huge amount that might surprise you.

To give you tips on how to remove dents on your vehicle that can also save your money, here are eight safe do-it-yourself ways to remove dents:

Utilize a Plunger

Your regular bathroom plunger can do wonders. Not only that it can unclog your toilet and sink but it can also be used to pull a dent out of your car side. To use this, you need to put boiling water on the affected side and suction the dent.

Put Boiling Water to Good Use

In line with utilizing your bathroom plunger, boiling water is a good partner to this method. The boiling water can make the dented area more flexible and amenable to pulling-out-kind of repair. The bent area will be easier to pull out by then.

Use a Hair Dryer

Just like pouring boiling water on the affected area, hair dryer aims to do the same on the dent. The hot and/or warm air coming from the hair dryer can make the area more flexible and manageable to pull-out.

Dry Ice

Holding a piece of dry ice and applying it to the dent area can make the surface pop. Make sure that you are using some protective gear for your hands like thick gloves.

Utilize your Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner is more than a cleaning instrument in your home. In fact, you can use it to remove the dent from your vehicle. Utilize it with a pot and suck it on the damaged area of your car. The pressure coming from the vacuum cleaner shall help the dent to pop out and flattened.

Use your Arts and Crafts Materials

Another Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dent repair solution is using your arts and crafts materials. Utilizing hot glue (glue gun), wooden dowels, and screws are all you need. Combine the screws with the wooden dowels and glue it on the affected area. Easily pull-out the glued wooden dowels after.

Removing dents should not be that all expensive and tasking. In fact, it can be another way for you to showcase your creativity and resourcefulness.

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