Cleaning Product Facts To Know About

A lot of us are guilty of spending too much time and hard labor keeping our houses spotless and organized. Knowing that you have scrubbed and disinfected every space, nook and cranny, is utterly satisfying. The whole purpose of these endless routines is to keep the family comfortable, safe and healthy. What you might not be aware of is, you might be overdoing it. Have you asked yourself, “Am I doing more harm than good?” Did you know that your cleaning products might contain harmful chemicals? Here are facts you might want to know about your household cleaning products.

    • Harmful Chemicals Found On Disinfectants
      Research has shown that there are serious health risks of using cleaners and disinfectants. Excessive use of these products increases your exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. The negative consequences outweigh the benefits in this case.Why not opt for a safer option? Use the most reliable method to clean – soap and water. It does the job of cleaning just as effectively as other products that you might be using.
    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
      Prolonged exposure to harmful ingredient found on cleaning products are shown to have a link in developing chronic lung disease or COPD. Look out for products that contain hydrogen peroxide, bleach and quaternary ammonium compounds.Try to use alternatives like vinegar, baking soda or other non-toxic products instead.
    • Toxic Air Fresheners
      Recent studies have shown that expecting mothers who are exposed to air fresheners and spray cleaners, during or after pregnancy, are in risk of having babies with respiratory infection. The infants observed to have experienced wheezing and difficulties in breathing.
    • Fragrance On Cleaning Products
      The most common ingredient in your cleaning products is “Fragrance”. What it doesn’t say is, it might actually contain phthalates, hidden musk and other harmful ingredients. Exposure to these chemicals run the risk of contracting allergens or hormone disruptors that can lower or inhibit your body’s ability to fight toxins.
    • Excessive Exposure
      Read the labels on your products. There are warnings about dangers of direct skin exposure, inhalation and digestion. You might not be aware of this and have inadvertently putting yourself at risk because of errors in properly handling their products.
    • Dangerous Effects of Exposure
      Long-term and short-term exposure are discovered to cause adverse effect on health. Chronic effects like asthma, allergic contact dermatitis, reproductive issues and lung cancer, are among others.

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