Business Meetings Abroad: 6 Tips

Going global is one indication that your business is expanding and being successful. There are many factors that you need to face when handling business dealings in another country. You want your trip to be successful, so do the necessary preparations. If you are going to a business meeting soon, the following 6 tips for having business meetings abroad are ideas to help your travel smooth and easy:

  1. Do your assignment about the country you are planning to go. Try to learn and memorize a few primary native languages. Make sure you pronounce names and places correctly.You may opt to hire an interpreter when you attend the business meetings. Tell your interpreter what the meetings are all about and what you want to achieve.
  1. When one of the hosts in the meeting offer you their local cuisine, accept and eat the food. The host may feel insulted if you decline the offer. If you are not allergic to it, be willing to try their food.
  1. Address people properly. We use Mr. for men and Ms. for women. It merely means you are showing respect and acknowledging the gender of the person. You usually do not out the emphasis on the marital status of the woman, hence the “Miss.”
  1. If possible, make your hands visible at all times, particularly during a meal or meeting with other business people. This will show that you are not hiding anything under the table, for example, a gun.
  1. It is possible to rent a local phone, which is usually available in airports. You can quickly text the people in that country when setting up a meeting if you have a phone with you. Making calls is typically more expensive than texting.If you want to communicate with the people back home, you can use Skype to chat or video call with your family, friends, and people at work.
  1. Dress appropriately. To be safe, dress up because it is easy to dress down whenever necessary. During business meetings, you are expected to dress professionally.Always bring an evening dress for women or tuxedo for men, which is suitable for business dinners and parties abroad.

A business meeting abroad is exciting and challenging at the same time. Prepare yourself with all the knowledge you can obtain about the custom, cuisine, and people in that country.

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