Home Decorating Tips For Newly Weds

After the long process of planning and preparation for your big day, it is finally over. As a newlywed, you are now facing a new stage, which is living together under one roof. When it comes to home decorating, it is as exciting as it is frustrating. It is because you will take into consideration two people’s different tastes and preferences.

While there are couples who agree on almost on everything about interior decoration, it does not happen to everyone. There comes a time when you and your spouse will not agree on the design, how it’s done, and the budget.

The following are 4 home decorating tips for newlyweds that promote teamwork and compromise.

1. Make an Inventory
As you two are thinking of decorating your home interior, you may want to check what you and your spouse already have individually. You can use some items to your new home, according to the design and style you both want.

The inventory can also give you an idea what items you do not what to use or need again.

2. Buy Things Together
Shopping together uses two heads to make practical and smart purchases. You decide together as you buy decoration items in a more level-headed manner. Doing this also helps avoid potential arguments and blaming games.

3. Make It Homey
You want to make your new home decoration feel and look homey. You can achieve this by adding personal touches. Your home decoration should represent your life as a married couple. Display some pictures of your wedding day, during your honeymoon, and other trips together.

4. How to Choose Paint Colors
When decorating you home, you may have your favorite color of all time, and your spouse also has one, but a good advice to remember is to pick a neutral color for your walls. Add different colors as accents such as in your curtains, throws, or carpets.

You can still use your favorite color for the most part in your own personal space like in your home office, man cave or possibly kitchen.

Home decorating is just one part of your life together as a married couple. Make this time as fun and romantic as much as possible. It is better than arguing and bickering over petty things.

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