How To Run Your Business 24/7

It’s 3 am and you receive a call. You get up and answer it. It’s a client asking for support on an issue they are having. You work on the problem then go back to bed at 6 am. Your alarm then sounds 5 minutes after to get ready for the office. It may not happen every day, but if it happens often enough, then maybe you have a problem with running a 24/7 business.

Managing The Staff
The most prominent issue with operating round the clock is staffing. Do you have enough staff to do this? Staffing has three aspects you need to address. Namely, they are health and safety, scheduling of shifts, and hiring. This is usually the first hurdle your business will need to address to run a 24/7 business.

Health and Safety
Is your facility capable of housing employees during the evening and weekends? Does it offer the same security and other necessities as during regular working hours? Is there food and water available? Is there a security team at hand? Are the facilities operational? The team will need access to the same items as available during regular office hours.

Scheduling Of Shifts
When running your business 24/7, the question of having enough staff for your team falls on this. You will need to balance the working hours and schedule that is required for your business, with what is fair for the employees. There are many options on shift patterns available; you need to choose the one that fits your business best.

The night shift roles are usually more difficult to fill in. It takes a lot of commitment to be able to reverse your day. Add the fact that holidays and weekends will become working days as well. It takes a lot of your employees to maintain this schedule. Their personal lives, body, and psychology usually change to adapt to this environment.

Outsourcing Options
You may have the option to continue with an internal team to keep your operations, or you can outsource. One of the significant decisions you will make when running a 24/7 business is if you will outsource a portion or the night operation of the business. Whatever your choice is, what is important is the steady and available service you give to your clients.

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