Home Sprinkler System: Why It’s Needed

The number of fires that happen every year in the U.S. is staggering. It seems that time is the enemy of those people who have been affected by fires. You only have about 5 minutes to leave your home in the event of a fire. After that, the risks become higher. This brings us to the importance of having a home sprinkler system in your house. Let us check out the reasons why it is beneficial to install one.

It Is Cost-Effective
Many homeowners are not installing a fire sprinkler system because they think it is quite expensive. But, this is not true. Installing a sprinkler gives you the same amount as a driveway or heated bathtub installation project. This means a residential sprinkler system is a cost-effective investment.

It Is Smart
The sprinkler system technology has gotten more intelligent through the years. Before, homeowners were afraid of dealing with water damage due to a fire sprinkler dousing the home furniture and floor after a false alarm. Today, this technology has the ability to determine the actual flame from a particular smoke.

It Is A Life-Saver
There are about 2,500 deaths every year due to fires, and cooking is one of the causes of these accidents. The home sprinkler system significantly lowers the occurrence of death by up to 80%. The water spigots are able to quarantine the origin of the fire.

When a fire starts to spread from room to room, the sprinkler system will contain the fire in a particular area, preventing flashover.

It Conserves Water
The fire sprinkler system in your home needs water to extinguish the fire. But, the sprinklers can distinguish where the fire is efficiently and quickly.

Without a sprinkler system, you will wait for the emergency services while trying to stop the fire with water from spreading in other parts of your house. The sprinklers will not just help you stop the fire; it also helps conserve water.

It Reduces Casualty
Aside from the people dwelling in a home, other innocent lives may be endangered in case of a fire, including visitors and neighbors. In fact, the firefighters who are responding to a fire emergency are putting their lives at risk. Installing a fire sprinkler system can lower the incidents of injuries and deaths brought on by fire.

If the reasons above are not enough to make you install a fire sprinkler system at home, maybe what it can do to your home insurance will. Filer Insurance, Inc., has its clients as their first priority with affordable rates and clever policies. To learn more about how we can help you please contact our agency at (305) 270-2100 or CLICK HERE to request a free quote.

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