Ways To Maintain Your Garden At Home

Many people have or are considering having a garden at home. A home garden can bring specific benefits to residents and neighborhood. It is best to be knowledgeable of strategies on how to maintain your home garden.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Garden?
Maintaining your garden at home can bring many benefits. First, a garden could be planted with specific vegetables and fruits wherein the owners can harvest. Second, the owners also have the control over the products because they are sure about what chemicals were used.

Another benefit of a home garden is that it can help add a source of fresh air. Colorful and fragrant flowers can also increase the house aesthetics and improve the comfort of the residents.

How to Maintain Your Garden:

  • Adequate Watering

Make sure to keep the flowering beds adequately moist by watering it 1-2 times weekly. It is suggested to water the plants early in the morning when the soil is colder.

  • Remove Weeds

Remove weeds including the roots to prevent the growth of the nutrient competitors of the other plants.  Plant beds densely to prevent weeds from sprouting between other plants.

  • Use of Fertilizers

Applying fertilizer to the soil will help nurture it. It is recommended to use a 2-4-inch layer of organic material to the planting area.

  • Sow Seeds with Appropriate Depth

Plant seeds according to the recommended depth found on the seed packaging. It is best to be knowledgeable of the most suitable environment for the type of plant to grow.

  • Pest Control

Inspect plants for the presence of pests. You can spray small bugs off using a strong stream of water.

What Things Should You Prepare?

In maintaining your garden, there are essential equipment and supplies to prepare. Aside from making sure that there is an adequate space for plants to grow, there should also be a good source of water. Basic tools needed include a shovel, spade, rake, and sprinkler or hose. It is also best to have gardening gloves and kneeling pad for protection. Lastly, prepare also the seeds or plant parts that you will sow.


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