Startup Entrepreneurs Business Tips

Entering into the world of business has a lot of things to consider. To start and maintain a successful enterprise, one must take time to write an effective business plan and prepare well before officially starting the business.

Tips on Writing a Business Plan

In making a business plan, here are tips to keep in mind:

  • Narrow Down What Makes The Business Unique

Evaluate what characteristics of your business will make it different. Think about what makes your business products and services apart.

  • Keep It Concise

Make business plans short and concise. It will make the plan easier to understand for readers.

  • Make It Flexible

Business plans should be flexible and open to changes and improvements. Running a business has ups and downs so owners should be prepared for it.

Contents of A Business Plan

A business plan contains essential parts such as an executive summary, company description, market analysis, products/services,  operations and management, marketing and sales plan, and financial strategy.

The executive summary allows readers to have an overview of the business; this serves as an overall guide about how the business will proceed. Company description includes the mission statement, business structure and essential details such as location, objectives, and actions to meet these objectives.

Market analysis is used to test if the products/ services to offer have a place in the market. It goes hand in hand with the products/services that the business can provide. Operations and management are used as a guide about the organization and how the company will be managed. Moreover, the marketing and sales plan contains how the products/services will be introduced to the public while the financial plan is about the capital, profits and related finances.

Starting The Business

After creating the business plan, to start the business, startup entrepreneurs should coordinate with the local government to make the business legal. They must also secure the necessary documents to start the enterprise.

Another thing to consider before starting the business is the type of business structure to utilize (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation). Lastly, make sure to register a business name of your choice.


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