Have An Accident Free Bathroom

Your bathroom is undoubtedly a place of relaxation. Imagine a long hot shower after a tiring day or a good soak in a scented tub with some soft candles to accentuate the mood. Unfortunately, accidental slips and bumps are also common in this area of your home. There are also some instances of fire starting in the bathroom. What are some basic things that will help you achieve and accident free bathroom?

  • Mats
    Since water is the number one culprit in accidental slips and falls, it is practical to put slip-resistant mats on the bathroom floor. Make sure that they are correctly affixed so as not to be a reason for someone to trip over them.
  • Grab Bars
    These handles are good life-savers in case of imbalance due to slips in the bathroom. You can have them affixed next to the toilet, shower, and tub, and you will have a more accident free bathroom. Just make sure though that the height to which it is attached would not cause you to bump on them when your mind is wandering.
  • Cabinets and Organizers
    This is critical in order to have an accident free bathroom. As the label always say “Keep hazardous substances out of reach of children.” The bathroom is home to such substances from cleaning materials to toiletries to medicines. Make sure that they are correctly tucked and organized in cabinets or shelves where little ones could not reach them. Also, have soap organizers near the tub or showers so as not to leave soap bars or shampoos in areas where someone might step on them and have a slip-and-fall accident.
  • Lighting
    If you want your bathroom to be accident free, make sure you have proper lighting. While dim lights might set the mood for relaxation, it is practical to have adequate lighting in your bathroom. This room should be well-lit to see any possible hazards such as wet floors or objects lying around. You could just put the dim light as an add-on when you feel the mood for it.
  • Electrical Fixtures and Accessories
    Water and electricity are never a right combination. However, it cannot be avoided to have some electrical accessories in the bathroom such as hair dryers, curling irons, or electric razors. The key to safety here is to make sure that this equipment and the outlets are somewhere far from any source of water. This will help lead to an accident free bathroom.

For some people, the bathroom is almost like a sanctuary, a place to think things over and remove stress. You need to not be afraid of untoward happenings if you keep your bathroom as accident-free as possible with these common yet practical items.

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