How To Survive The Long Drive

Long trips and destination vacations – these are excellent ways to unwind. Who would not want to get away from the busy hustle of the city sometimes and enjoy driving to a beautiful place to relax? However, there are some who find long drives quite stressful, too. Here are some views on how to make the time inside the car enjoyable and survive the long drive.

Prepare the Essentials
If you wish to survive the long drive, make sure that you have everything you would possibly need inside your bags. Load up on healthy snacks, entertainment paraphernalia such as music, books, video games or card games. Pillows and blankets are a must travel companions, too. It is also a good idea that everybody who will go is prepared physically by loading up on sleep before the drive.

Set the Time and Route
Before even sitting behind the wheel, set the time (and stick to it) of what time you would leave. This way, you could plan the shortest time possible to reach your destination. You could consider the traffic situation along the way and the reservations that you have (if any). Also, choose the best route to avoid frustrations while driving. You would not want to spend more time driving aimlessly on the road.

Pull Over for Break Times
A good thing to do if you want to survive the long drive is to be lenient in giving yourself and your companions some breaks outside the car. You do not have to drive as if you are going to a hospital in an emergency scenario. Pull on stopovers for meal and comfort room breaks. Also, do some stretching as it could be hard sitting down over long periods. However, make sure that you spend reasonable time in each stopover and do not diddle.

Keep the Atmosphere Amicable
Avoid arguing inside the car. Agree on what you want to do. It does not have to be always busy inside the car. There could be time for conversation, games, sound trips, quiet time (where everybody is busy with his own thing) or snooze time. Respect the personal space of one another by not taking too much space or not doing something that might disturb your companions. Doing all these things will definitely help you survive the long drive.

Beyond the fun inside the car and the excitement of finally reaching your destination, you should keep safety as a priority. Make sure that you and your cars are both in prime shape before committing to long drives.

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