You Must Stop Smoking In Your Home

Smoking has always been part of some people’s vices despite the threat it has on our health. It has addictive substances that may make it hard for a person to stop using it. However, we must keep in mind the effect it causes not only to ourselves but also to those around us. Smoking can be fatal, and it should be something you consider not doing at home. So here are reasons to stop smoking in your home.

The Threat of Second-Hand Smoke
On reason to stop smoking in your home is to avoid second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is more dangerous than we think. You are the person who does not smoke, but those who smoke around you can still affect your health.

It is the combination of smoke coming out of the cigarettes or tobacco and the smoke exhaled by the user. So, even though you are just a bystander; you can still inhale and take the smoke in that can impair your lungs.

Third-Hand Smoke Is Also a Thing
Meanwhile, third-hand smokes are those accumulated smoke from cigars that seep into rugs, curtains, upholstered furniture, and fabric surfaces among others. It means that even after the cigar has long gone and the user stopped smoking, the residue of the act remains—for a long time.

If you smoke at home and the time comes when you decide to sell your house, think of the next family who will live in it.

Fire Safety Plan
An important reason you should stop smoking in your home is that smoking increases the chance of a house fire. You may say that you are careful and you are making sure that you throw away cigarette butts properly. However, do not forget about the second hand and third-hand smoke.

Establish a protocol in which you are only allowed to smoke outside. Still, it is best to try to stop it even little by little.

Also, make sure you do not leave cigarettes lying around the house, especially if you have kids. Let your friends know as well if you won’t allow smoking when they visit.

It is one thing to put our health at risk, but positioning our loved ones in the same situation is a different story. It can harm our nature, too.

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