What Technopreneurship Is All About

It will always be cliché to say that the only constant thing is change, but it holds the greatest truth in life. Nowadays, we have names for everything, or often, we change how we connote things—just to fit the context of the new generation’s ideas. Among the many slang and invented words, technopreneurship is one that propels when technology starts to surge.

Entrepreneur and Technopreneur
Entrepreneurs are those who see opportunities that they can turn into a product or services. Also, they calculate the possibilities of profits and earning, and then build a business with it.

Meanwhile, technopreneurs are those who start with only their ‘ideas.’ Sure, everything has to somehow begin as an idea, right? It is how we can create things and turn them in reality. But, technopreneurs are different. They defy the existing process and system of how things are done. They think of other innovative ways to through the help of the technology.

The New Breed
Entrepreneurs can manage their businesses alone and then expand gradually by hiring people. Technopreneurs work in groups; they build things together from the very beginning. They are a myriad of people who are creative and most importantly, tech-savvy.

Technopreneurships are not mainly about the money. They are the ones who want to make their ‘ideas’ work, above all. These people usually work without pay at first, well, not until those ideas are commercially viable.

Future Innovation

Technology has long proven its use to address the customers’ needs in the easiest and fastest way possible. Now, we are about to see more innovations that are truly life-changing like:

  • Augmented Reality – yes, after the virtual reality rave, we are boarding another ship.
  • Blockchain Technology – most of us know it as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, but there will be more waiting in store for us.
  • The Internet of Things – Are you familiar with ‘Alexa, please play Despacito” meme? We are going through it.

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