Safety When Grilling At Home

Summer has come to Florida.  Along with this season come activities that people may not do during the rest of the year and it is wise to remember to stay safe in each activity.  Previously we gave tips on how to prepare for a hurricane, be safe in your pool and use caution in, around and using a lawnmower.

This time around we have tips for staying safe when grilling at home and what to do should you take advantage of the summer months to make any changes or renovations to your home.

Grilling Safety
Each year outdoor grills are responsible for tens of millions of dollars in property damage and loss as well as over 170 injuries.  Roughly half of those numbers are caused by gas leaks, tanks with too much propane and blocked tubes.  To avoid any injuries or loss of property at your home, keep these tips in mind if or when you use your grill this summer.

1. Before firing up your grill, take a moment to examine the connection between the propane tank and the fuel line to make sure that nothing is blocking the tubes where air and gas mix.

2. Make sure not to put excess propane in the tank.

3. An important thing for safety when grilling is to refrain from wearing loose clothing that might get too close to the grill.  What is also advisable is wearing an apron designed for grilling and grilling mitts that go all the way up to your elbow.

4. Do not play around with lighter fluid and avoid adding it to an existing fire as doing so could result in an explosion. This will increase safety when grilling.

5. Make sure that any matches and lighters are out of the reach of children and keep a watchful eye on them while they are around the grill.

6. When it comes time to dispose of your coals, pour plenty of water over them to ensure that the fire will not restart.  Also, they should not be placed in containers made of paper, plastic or wood.

7. Safety when Grilling does not involve you being in closed-in areas.  A harmful, if not deadly, amount of carbon monoxide can build up and be inhaled.

8. If anybody is accidentally burned, take them to a hose or faucet where they can have cool water running over the burn between 10 and 15 minutes.  Putting a greasy ointment on the area is not beneficial as it can trap any heat in the burned skin and any blistering could be made worse.  If a serious burn should happen, cool water may still help to soothe the burn but a call should be made to 911.

Home Improvements
It is not hard to leave ‘calling your miami home insurance agent‘ out of your list of things to do when preparing for renovations.  If that happens and your home experiences a loss, any added value to your home from the improvement(s) will not be covered under your miami home insurance policy.  Any time you make a change to your home, it needs to be reflected in your home insurance policy.  Just some of the changes you need to inform your home insurance agent of are:

  1. Having a bathroom or a kitchen remodeled
    2. Upgrading your roof, kitchen countertops, floors, etc.
    3. Increasing the square footage of your home

    Before getting started with your project, you need to find out how your changes may or may not affect your coverage.  Improving your home could increase its value and cause your premium to rise but you may be able to qualify for a discount after certain improvements (e.g. putting in a security system and getting newer smoke detectors).

    On top of updating your home insurance policy to reflect the new value of your home, you should look into what insurance coverage your contractor and subcontractor(s) have.  Get your contractor to show you their workers compensation policy.  If they have one then they will be responsible for paying for any medical bills and related expenses if a worker gets hurt while on the job.  Otherwise, you will be held responsible for any and all bills the injured worker accrues.

    Another thing you need to look out for is if your contractor uses non full-time employees.  They will most likely not be covered under the contractor’s workers compensation policy.  Knowing what is and is not covered under the policy would be good to know.  Should you feel that they do not have sufficient coverage, you can update the section of your home insurance policy that deals with liability so that you are covered for any expenses that arise if there is an accident… or see if you can find a contractor with only full-time employees.

    Keeping your family, and others in your home, safe is always a priority.  Grilling steaks outside and improving the home that you love can be great but both can come with risks that people need to keep in mind.  Unforeseen circumstances can occur but always being careful minimizes the chances of accidents happening.

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