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Arson In Regards To Home Insurance

A woman woke in the middle of the night to her home on fire.  She escapes unharmed but the house is lost.  Later, an investigation discovers her husband is guilty of committing arson.  She and her husband are the homeowners but plan to divorce with her staying in the home.  They had home insurance so she put in a claim.  But with her husband intentionally setting the house on fire, is their coverage still valid?  With her being the innocent party, will the insurance company pay the claim?  This happened in California, but in this state and a growing list of others, the answer is yes.

In the past, innocent spouses got nothing for a jointly owned home because of the wording in a policy.  Coverage was denied due to the actions of the co-insured.  This was most likely done to keep the guilty party from benefiting.  But now, decisions in court are making it easier for the innocent party in a fire to still have coverage in their homeowners’ policy.
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Things To Know About Home Insurance

When dealing with home insurance there some important things to know. Home insurance helps to protect one of your biggest investments and it is important that you get the right homeowners insurance for your needs. Local independent agents such as Filer Insurance have the experience, knowledge and connections to source best value home insurance for homeowners in Coral Gables, Miami and Pinecrest.

The first and most important thing to know about homeowners insurance is what you are covered for and what you are not covered for. For example if someone breaks into your home and steals your stuff you will expect your content insurance to cover you. Some content is included in a standard homeowner’s policy, but then again not all content.  Certain valuables have to be specified separately. Your home insurance policy may also have requirements that relate to alarm systems and security measures.  What if your home is damaged in a flood? Most homeowner’s insurance policies exclude flood damage.  You need separate flood insurance. What about other natural disasters – are you covered?

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Holiday Party Risks To Be Aware of

There is a lot of goodwill during the holidays but unfortunately there are many people that will sue without a second thought.  Its important to reduce your holiday party risks. The best host in the world could get in trouble for an illness brought on by undercooked food or a guest becoming even slightly intoxicated.  Hiring a caterer or using a restaurant might help but you could still be liable for food poisoning or a roadside accident after a guest exits the party.

The IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America) has some tips for homeowners and businesses planning on throwing a holiday party for family & friends or employees.

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Guilty Verdict As A Result of Insurance Fraud

This case of a guilty verdict for insurance fraud involves a husband and wife team.  The husband is a former police officer and the wife is a special education teacher.  Many people may see both as underpaid jobs and this couple decided to add to their income inappropriately.  A felony charge was brought against them due to a fire at their home in 2010 and they pleaded guilty.  In addition to that, there is a pending arson charge from another fire in 2011.

According to an article in the Finger Lakes Times, the couple was in Ontario County Court where they gave a plea of guilty on the 16th of January to third-degree insurance fraud.  A district attorney, R. Michael Tantillo, stated that for one year they will have interim probation and are required to pay restitution of about $12,000 to their insurance company during that year.

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You Must Stop Smoking In Your Home

Smoking has always been part of some people’s vices despite the threat it has on our health. It has addictive substances that may make it hard for a person to stop using it. However, we must keep in mind the effect it causes not only to ourselves but also to those around us. Smoking can be fatal, and it should be something you consider not doing at home. So here are reasons to stop smoking in your home.

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