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Code of Ethics

Statement of Ethical Values

To show our ethical values, we feel it is important to publish our code of ethics in order for you to know that we respect everyone that we are involved with.  Based on our ethical values, it is our policy to conduct our affairs consistently with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards, as well as to comply with all laws governing our operations. We value and respect our employees, clients and the insurance companies we represent.

It is client satisfaction that determines our success. We believe in the free enterprise system, and pledge to treat our employees, clients and insurance company representatives with honesty, dignity, fairness, and respect.

A business that instills a deep-seated theme of business ethics within its strategies and policies will be evident among its clients. Its overall influence will lead to a profitable, successful company.

Our Principles

At Filer Insurance, we recognize customers want to do business with a company with the highest principles of ethical values that they can trust, and when trust is at the core of a company, it's easy to recognize. Trust defined, is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of a business.

We will be honest with our clients and prospects, and will place their insurance with the insurance company that we feel is best for them.

We will be honest with our insurance companies, and will provide them with full disclosure and all underwriting information they may request.

We will be truthful in every conversation, avoiding deceptive and misleading statements.

We will treat others with the utmost respect. Regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions, we will always treat others with professional respect and courtesy.

Every prospect or client is equally important to us regardless of the size of the premium dollars.

We will meet all our obligations to all clients, both current and past.

We are proud of our ethical values and always look forward to hearing from any of our prospects or clients regarding any concerns they may have regarding how we conduct our business.