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More than a policy. A promise.

FCCI Insurance Group provides commercial property and casualty insurance.  More than that, we create partnerships and keep promises that allow businesses to grow and succeed, knowing risks are managed and claims will be resolved fairly.

Founded in 1959, FCCI has retained our guiding principles of accountability, integrity, fairness and service. And because we are financially strong and mutually held, we provide stability and security our customers can count on.

Our comprehensive coverage and services are available exclusively through independent agents. We believe local presence and local knowledge are the keys to finding the right fit for your business and your peace of mind.

Coverage you can count on.

Our underwriting decisions are made by actual people who ask questions and get to know your business. We make decisions quickly because we know the clock never stops, but we're committed to making the right decisions for your business and for our long-term stability as an insurer you can count on.

When we issue a policy, we make a promise. And we've been keeping our promises since 1959.

We make good on our promises

Every day, FCCI’s specially trained adjusters handle claims quickly and efficiently, with fairness and compassion. Our depth of knowledge in claims service is built on more than 55 years of experience, tried and true principles, and the latest updates in technology and business practices. And our personal touch sets us apart from other carriers.

We have teams specializing in:

Claims Management Our office, field and resident adjusters handle claims with local knowledge, jurisdictional expertise and personal contact.

Auto Physical Damage Our commercial auto claims service gets your business back on the road quickly.

Medical Case Management Our registered nurses review treatment plans to get injured people back to health with optimal results.

Medical Bill Review Our expert team controls costs by working with Preferred Provider Networks, negotiating hospital fees and applying discounts on medical bills and prescriptions.

Catastrophic Claims Our highly trained adjusters handle the most severe human and property losses with proficiency and sensitivity.

Recovery and Subrogation Our recovery from other at-fault parties keeps costs and premiums down.

Special Investigations Our investigators work to prevent and combat fraud before it affects your bottom line.

We maximize service & minimize loss

When you partner with FCCI, you give your business a safety net. Our risk control consultants offer a valuable service that helps reduce loss and maximize safety. By analyzing workplaces and processes and providing realistic risk management plans, we increase safety and reduce the cost of doing business.

Risk Management Plans Our customized risk management plans are designed to save lives, prevent accidents and injury, and keep insurance costs down. By meeting with policyholders and learning the unique nature of each policyholder's business, our risk control consultants combine individual recommendations with online resources and tools to create a collaborative plan that fits. They provide clear goals, action plans and survey schedules to help policyholders accomplish safety objectives tailored to their businesses.

FCCI also offers a number of online guides and training resources, including a video and PowerPoint library, online access to weekly safety meeting topics, safe driving tips and strategies, and case studies.

Risk Control Consultants Our educated and experienced risk control professionals meet directly with policyholders to analyze their businesses and loss trends. After careful consideration, they provide policyholders with clear strategies and objectives to improve safety performance.

Our risk control consultants are also available to conduct management and employee training sessions to increase safety awareness. Topics range from hazard recognition and accident investigation to understanding OSHA requirements and facilitating driver improvement.

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