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Workers Compensation

Your business can be held liable for medical bills and lost wages of employees as a result of their injuries on the job. You may not be required by law to carry Workers Compensation Insurance due to the number of employees you have, but you can still be held responsible.

By carrying coverage, you have protected your business from what could be a serious loss.  There are different cost-saving programs available from the different companies we work with.  Call us today for a review of your coverage.



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Programs and Plans Available

Guaranteed Cost, Dividend Plans, Retrospective Rating Plans, Large Deductible Plans

Common questions about Workers Compensation:

  • Who is required to be covered?
  • How is the premium determined?
  • Is overtime pay counted?
  • Do claims affect the premium?
  • Can experience modifications be incorrect?
  • Should we exempt officers from coverage?
  • How can we reduce the number of claims?
  • Can we stop fraudulent claims?
  • Why have a return-to-work program?
  • Can I get money back if we don't have claims?
  • What is the Florida Contracting Credit?
  • Is the credit for having a deductible worth it?
  • What is the Stock Premium Discount?
  • Why have a Drug Free Workplace?
  • Can my agent be a part of our safety program?
  • Who can help us with OSHA compliance?
  • How are managed care networks used?
  • What is Employers Liability?

Our agents will meet with you and answer these and any other questions you might have.  Contact us today!

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation Insurance protects you from financial loss as a result of injuries or disease incurred by employees while on the job. It is an important part of your overall business insurance.

Why do you need Workers Compensation?

workers compensationBusinesses are responsible for the injuries to their employees while they are on the job. State laws provide what an employee is entitled to receive in the way of medical care and/or loss of income benefits as the result of an injury on the job. Workers Compensation pays these medical and loss of income benefits on behalf of the employer.

Laws may require that only businesses with a certain number of employees are required to carry coverage. However, this does not mean that a business is not responsible and potentially liable for injuries to its employees. We recommend that all employers carry Workers Compensation, regardless of their number of employees.

Can Safety Programs reduce your Workers Compensation premium?

Most definitely. Many Workers Compensation policies will have some type of a dividend or other claim sensitive provision that will reduce or return portions of the premium in return for reduced claims. In addition, each employer may received an experience modification from the National Council on Compensation Insurance that will apply either a credit or a debit to the employer's premium.

We take an active role in guiding our clients through available loss control and safety programs that will reduce their claims and their Workers Compensation premiums.

We provide workers compensation insurance to clients in Miami and South Florida.  Contact us to learn more about the right workers compensation insurance for your business.

The above summary is not a policy and is only intended as a brief presentation of available coverages.  The actual insurance policy will provided full details of all benefits, conditions and exclusions.