Safer Driving: 3 Important Keys

You hear it on the hard court often: Defense is the key to championships. The best offense is a great defense. On the road, the same can be said. Only, it is not championships that you earn; it is safety for all. Defensive driving is a philosophy. It is a way of driving safer and taking extra precaution. Since you are not in control of everything on the road, you take these precautions to compensate for the present danger. Your actions may help save cars, property, and even lives.

Personal Mindset
The first part of defensive driving is being aware of yourself and how safe you drive. Avoid multitasking and doing other things when driving. It requires your complete attention. This means no looking at your phone, doing other activities like applying makeup, or anything that hinders your ability to drive safely.

This also means your complete obedience to following traffic laws. Always mind and control your speed. You should be able to anticipate errors by other drivers on the road. Do not expect them to drive correctly always. This is the mindset you should have.

Handling Your Car
After your mindset, you should work on how you handle your car. A safe vehicle means a well maintained one. Make sure your vehicle is always in great condition for driving safe. Tires should be inflated properly and inspected. Your brakes, lights, and handling should be in good order. You should have enough fuel for your trip plus a little extra. There are many defensive driving classes and seminars available. You may want to attend some as well.

Handling External Factors
We mentioned earlier that defensive driving is a way to compensate for the uncontrollable factors. These include the actions of other drivers, pedestrians, motorists, or anything outside of you and your car. Weather is another example. During strong rains, you should drive differently as compared to fair weather. A reduction in speed or an adjustment in steering may be needed.

Since you can not control these external factors, it is your responsibility to make the conditions safe. Your actions should be ready for the inability of others to drive safe. Some examples include giving enough space between cars, maintaining a safe speed when turning, and others like these.

Safe driving is a responsibility of everyone. However, to ensure a consistent and safe environment, we may need to do more sometimes. It may seem like more work, but safety never rests. The same is true with your car insurance coverage. At Filer Insurance, Inc., we do our best in making sure that our clients are well-protected with affordable and comprehensive policies. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our agency at (305) 270-2100 or Click Here to request a free quote.

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