Car Insurance Myths To Keep In Mind

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About Car Insurance

There have been a lot of things about car insurance over time, and if you are trying to get auto insurance at the moment, try not to believe everything you hear before purchasing. Car insurance depends on your coverage and rate system, but it’s important to understand all the details of the process and its true facts.


Some common myths about car insurance

Age matters – Some people have the misconception that if you are too old you will not be able to purchase auto insurance at the same price as everyone else. That is a myth about car insurance. It doesn’t actually cost more to ensure your car if you are older. On the contrary, a lot of people have actually received reduced price insurance on their vehicle, even if they were over 50 years of age.

Credit doesn’t matter – A very big myth about car insurance. A lot of companies look for your insurance rate in order to figure out just how well you manage your financial transactions. If you have a good credit score you will most likely qualify for a reduction in auto insurance rates.

Car insurance applies to anyone driving your car – This is a car insurance myth that will get you into trouble. If there is an accident involved and somebody else is driving your car, it doesn’t mean that the auto insurance will apply. Although for the most part the owner’s insurance company must pay for the damages, this does not apply to every state. The policies regarding this issue are not all the same and people must take them into consideration before letting others drive their car.

Optional coverage – This refers to the comprehensive and collision coverage. Your insurance might not work if your car is vandalized or destroyed by flood or fire. You need to buy additional coverage in order to fully protect your car from possible damage.

If you want to purchase auto insurance, make sure to get informed about these aspects and contact your local lender in Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Kendale Lakes, Kendall, Miami, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest or The Hammocks.

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